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Wedding Invitation
Project Details

Client: Personal Client

Date: Summer of 2015

Online: Not Available

A wedding day should be the happiest day of a couple's life. That is why I worked diligently to create a cohesive formal design around a causal theme for wedding stationary for close family friends. Making their casual baseball theme into a formal feeling invitation presented several challenges but through color and font choice, combined with paper selection, I was able to achieve the ultimate goal of making a bride happy.

This design also needed to be easily transferable to different mediums. The bride naturally wanted the invitations to match the programs, the table numbers and seating cards, which meant understanding the various sizes and orientations to form a cohesive design set. I accomplished this, not by just placing baseballs on things, but by actually custom drawing a close up of baseball stitching down to the finest detail of how far apart each stitch needed to be proportionally.

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