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Energy Apparel + Promo Logo
Business Card Mock Up
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Tradeshow Display
Project Details

Client: Energy Apparel + Promo

Date: Summer of 2012

Online: energyapparelpromo.com

In an attempt to market themselves better to the oil and gas industry that was growing in western Pennsylvania, Options in Graphics launched a sister company. Energy Apparel and Promo was created with the hopes that a professional and rugged brand would appeal to the growing industry.

I built the brand from the ground up, starting with only a name. Energy Apparel and Promo would primarily sell branded safety equipment, promotional products and office apparel. With that in mind, I created an icon depicting a worker donning a hard hat, safety glasses and a jacket. A secondary logo was also created for versatility. The brand would be represented by tones, colors and imagery all reflecting a safe work environment. Promotional products, mailing campaign and a trade show display were developed for use.

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